Hello, I'm Jessica Hall of Bluebird Designs Jewelry. I've been a professional jeweler for over 10 years. I make unique artisan jewelry in enamel and sterling silver, including blue bird jewelry as well as a variety of other cute animal jewelry.  My goal is to offer you affordable designer jewelry that will make you or the recipient smile for many years to come. 

Bluebird Designs started in a small studio in Truckee, California.  Just prior to that I was living in Hawaii attending the Honolulu Academy of Art where I was re-introduced to enamel. I felt like I could really do wonders with this material, and loved working with the bright colors. It was here that I made the first signature bluebird pendant, which I still wear often.

I definitely loved my life in Hawaii, but decided I needed more of a challenge.  I went back to the mainland and enrolled in Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts located in San Francisco to continue my formal education in jewelry fabrication. 

After graduation, I immediately began to apply the knowledge I had gained in my school environment and excitedly set out to see what I could do on my own.  I moved to Truckee, a small town near Lake Tahoe, and opened up my own studio. 

I fast-tracked my professional career by taking on anything and everything that came my way. I repaired jewelry, took on custom design work, made unique wedding jewelry, attended festivals and art shows, etc. But, in my heart, I loved that first sweet bird necklace that I had made out of sterling silver and enamel back in Hawaii (and so did most everyone else who saw it), and I decided to build a jewelry line based on that piece. 

The Bluebirds make people smile. It feels great to offer a piece of happiness to my customers. 

In 2013, on a whim while I was visiting the coastal area of the Carolinas, a friend's mother suggested I take a couple of days and check out Asheville. I followed her suggestion, and fell in love with this area. I went back to Truckee, and in less than a year packed up my business and moved here. And I haven't slowed down since! I have a beautiful studio and gallery in the River Arts District, where you will find me most days working on new designs, like my soon-to-be-launched custom monogram jewelry, initial charms for necklaces, and a variety new unique bird jewelry to continuously add into the line.  When I am not in the studio I am running, hiking, biking, or likely participating in something else physically active, which has always been so much a part of my life too. 

I absolutely love creating my Bluebirds, along with other whimsical and colorful handcrafted designs. And all of my jewelry is made in the US in my little metal smithing studio in Asheville, NC. I truly love the life I live, and look forward to all the smiles my cute simple jewelry puts on people's faces in the years to come.