The Model Shoot with Bluebird Designs Jewelry

Well the model shoot is complete and the edited pics are back.  I can't be happier with the results.  There was more than just a day or two involved in the process of tackling this latest challenge of "running my business".   Each and every little detail has to be tended to in order for the pictures to turn out as desired.  The lovely ladies who showcased my jewelry were spectacular and we really got the feel of the shoot.  From scouting locations (mostly the photographers insight), to the outfits picked, the hair, make-up, and most importantly the jewelry, every piece of the puzzle had to be just right to make the magic happen.   Here's a little collection below of some of these little moments of magic.  Thanks to both the models, Coco and Emma, and the photographer, Misha, for such a successful shoot!  Looking forward to another, but not for a little while at least;)