I am often asked “Why the bluebirds?” I think the bluebirds picked me actually rather then the other way around. They are a reminder of how to balance my life with not only hard work, but beauty and play as well. I like to think my jewelry reminds you to find that balance and embrace happiness and friendships!
— Jessica Hall ~ Owner and Artist



My Christmas gift to myself this past year was a necklace from Bluebird Designs- and it is sure to go down in history as the first piece of my collection. I love the delicate nature of many of the pieces as well as the beautiful colors. I enjoy layering necklaces, and my current piece is the one I always start with. I think Bluebird’s jewelry is suitable for any occasion, from casual to festive to glamorous. Plus, Jessica is great and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend this line.
— Dara H. ~ Black Mountain, NC